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Kia Sedona Fire

jaywolf8 jaywolf8
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/05
Posted: 06/22/05
07:06 PM

Take a look at my 03 EX Sedona  This happened in a McDonalds parking lot.  It was parked for almost an hour.  Kia says that it was burned so bad that they don't know how or why the fire started, so they came up with "inconclusive, therefore not Kia's responsibility".  My insurance is all over this,  why?  Because the independent inspector they sent out to look at the Sedona said it was a defect in the steering column.  Remember  this happened while it was parked, and I am not the only Sedona to catch on fire while parked.  My one problem is that Kia along with the dealer are hiding behind "inconclusive" so they will not step up and pay for the rental.  I have found out that a Kia consumer is not worth $650.  I was told that if I had bought my new car at the dealership that sold me the original car that caught on fire, they would have taken care of the rental,  or better yet, Kia told my insurance that they would give me a 05 Sedona if I didn't settle with insurance.  Who in their right mind would put their childen into a Sedona after the children watched the last one go up in smoke?  I was told that I made my choice,  so as a "previous"  Kia owner, I mean nothing.   So remember all you Kia owners, you are not worth $650.  Kind of opens your eyes when you give then thousands of $'s to  know that if something major happens to your car,  they can tell you "inconclusive"  and you will be out even more than you already gave them.  

phylscircus2 phylscircus2
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/05
Posted: 08/13/05
08:01 AM

Welcome to the world of Sedona Owners.

  I have a 2002 Sedona loaded. I don't don't think there is a feature missing but the dvd/tv. I am glad I don't have it.

  Did you know that the KIA Sedona alternator and battery are the wrong voltage? If the temps should reach above 90 degress you should not let your car sit idle or 'Christine' takes over such as..........

  Car jerks foward in the parked position, battery light, break light, airbag light goes on,  headlights, wipers (front and back), rpm suggests the car is stalled by being on 0, your radio starts changing stations, locks unlock and then lock- but even when in the unlocked position are still locked while the cabin fills with smoke.

  Yes, really I know from experience, your alternator fries out, your belt needs to be changed and the battery melts and your lungs fill with smoke, but you better hurry I had an 18 month old, a handicap cancer survivor who can't get in and out on his own, in the middle a 5 year old daughter who didn't worry about herself but her brothers, and a mother with lung disease. When you call the manufacturer to file the complaint and tell him you see MANY more like you and tell them your worried about EVERYONE who owns it not just yourself, they don't care about anyone else, you not allowed to answer it as an overall concern. At 65,000 miles and I have even heard under 65,000 they refuse to except there is a fault on the electrical system. My big mouth, and loving to stump someone who is a customer care person - asked a question- how many people died? Injured? A fire that couldn't be explained? This is for real, don't use your AC while idling above 80 degrees. I am going to say 80. This happens quickly and there is no time to do anything. The good news to all of this- I just spent 1800.00 two months ago on a tune-up belts, wires, plugs fluids, breaks. Now I pay for a system where the warnings where there and temperarily fixed, radio didn't shut off when I picked it up draining the system, airbaglight that went on suddenly, stayed on until dealer reset it, that happened 4 times since owning it, burnt moonroof and I don't use it often 11,000 miles. So please people be careful. You find something not working right, get out of it, this is a danger waiting to happen-" href="mailtoEmotion">


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