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99 Toyota Sienna Transmission shifting

umairqaiser umairqaiser
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 12/13/06
04:54 AM

I bought a used 99 Toyota Sienna few days ago, When I was test driving it before finalizing the deal I felt some jerks in gear shifting but as the vehicle was cold I thought its just because of that. Now when I became the owner and started driving it the jerk in gear shifting was more obvious when vehicle was completely warmed up. I took it to a Toyota dealership where they changed Tranny fluid and advise tranny fluid was not in good condition, it was all burnned. They were not sure if this change of oil will help me or make things worse. I have been driving this van for few days now. No change in Transmission shifting but other then that I have noticed something else also which is there since I bought this Van, and that is when I turn off my Van's engine or start it or put in drive I feel something touching the body of the vehicle. Before spending any more Money I want to find out that could these Jerk in transmission be a result of any broken engine or transmission mount?. Please reply me on  

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