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evaporator service port

ryndraeger ryndraeger
New User | Posts: 28 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 11/17/06
01:11 PM

Does anybody know what the evaporator service port that is connected to a vacuum line that connecs to a purge solenoid is.  It has a tag on it that says evaporator service port 1 psi regulated pressure only.  

nickb2 nickb2
Guru | Posts: 816 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 11/19/06
07:49 AM

it is for the evap emmisions system of the is a port for using a smoke machine to test for leaks in the evap system...has nothing to do with the evaporator....

ASE Master Auto Technician, L1  
ASE Master Auto Technician, L1, ASE Certified Service Consultant, ASE Certified Parts Specialist, Chrysler Certified Service Manager/Technician

geraldjordan89 geraldjordan89
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/22/13
09:23 AM

1999 infiniti would kill while driving at times and smell of catalytic converter. Changed fuel filter, which was dirty, and started car and let run a few times for about 5 minutes to fill fuel line. Tried to start again and it would start but would die like it was out of gas. now it will turn over but won't start. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this  

geraldjordan89 geraldjordan89
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/22/13
09:39 AM

could someone reply to message please  

wayne712222 wayne712222
Guru | Posts: 1856 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 09/22/13
11:50 AM

see the YELLOW GO button above.. to the left of that is a pull down menu to select which forum to post in.. then quickly push the yellow go button..
then you can click the NEW THREAD button..

thats how you start a new thread...

can you hear the fuel pump run for 2 seconds when you turn on the key???? then shut off???

clogged fuel filters.. can cause fuel pump failure...  the pumps when attempting to force fuel thru a clogged filter take more amperage.
this burns the brushed and commutator..

so got fuel...

which model and which motor.. there are slight variations..  

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