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2003 G35 battery drain

Wenis Wenis
User | Posts: 132 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 01/17/09
05:48 PM

Glad to hear that my post helped, makes me mad that a lot of people had to pay for the repair before I posted the fix.  

imageskj imageskj
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/09
Posted: 02/09/09
11:23 AM

We are experiencing the same scenarios as everyone else in this thread.  Thankfully, we finally thought to Google the problem and found this forum.  We appreciate everyone's posts.  We are now ready to contact our dealer.  We agree . . . it's time for a "class action" lawsuit.  Infinity hasn't been concerned with this because it's not a direct safety issue.  However, indirectly it is one.

Thanks for all the great info!  

nolimits nolimits
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 03/07/09
10:37 AM

I agree with the last post.  If your A/C controls do not work this could be a "safety" issue for sure.   btw  I just developed the same problem on my '03  G35  Mad  Mad  

Snowball000 Snowball000
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 04/19/09
01:54 PM

I pulled the radio fuse on my 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan (engine compartment, next to battery); however, my A/C unit is still on autopilot.  

Two questions:
1)How do I turn off my A/C unit?
2)Long term fix: I want to change my radio to aftermarket.  Will that fix my radio/A/C/battery problems?  What do I need to change besides just the radio(circuit board??)?

Help!!! Getting hot in here!!!  

AltimaZBoy2005 AltimaZBoy2005
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/05/09
06:17 PM

Hey, I had the same issue on my 2005 Nissan Altima. So I borrowed a few tools from my job, and didn't take my long enough to figure out that the Bose AMP was staying on, I'm sure most have figured that part out. Anyway, since it doesn't really bug me I installed a switch on the power supply of the AMP. That way my radio doesn't reset the memory and I can enjoy music without having to remove the fuse anymore.

For those thinking of the same idea, I used a simple ON/OFF switch that can be found at any Auto Parts or Electronics shop, the wire you want to tap into it Yellow with Green Stripe on it. It's a thick cable it's about maybe 12g. It's on the pins that hook up to the AMP. I ran the wires to the bottom of the steering wheel and put the switch where it's discreet, and simple to reach. I really hope this helps others from their frustration like the one I had (lol). Also I don't know if the G35's and so on have the same cable color, all you need is a 12V tester and test them all. It's the thickest out of them all.


bsauer18 bsauer18
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/14/09
12:22 PM

Like the rest of you my car 03' Sedan is was having the same issue not starting up after a 12 hours of not being driven.  Until the AC/Radio/Dash controls went out.  Now the A/C is stuck on full blast @ 65 degrees.  Is there a decent, cheap way to fix this?  I would rather not have to blow $700 on this issue but if its a must I have no choice.  Please help!!!  

breeze03 breeze03
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/14/09
07:10 PM

Hey I have a problem extremely similar to this but with one little caveat. My problem is that I didn't drive my 03 Sedan for about 2 days once and the the battery went down. Jumped started with no problem. However, I went on vacation for 11 days came back and the battery was dead for real this time. So, I took it out, ran up to Auto Zone, got a new one, put it in and I thought I was back in business. Low and behold the darn thing will not start. It turns over and everything, but will not start.
Has anyone seen this?
Is there a fix I can do for this without going to the dealer have them give me some mumbo gumbo and charging me an arm and a leg for something I'm pretty sure I can do myself.
Thanks. Confused  

FreshBeatBand FreshBeatBand
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/03/09
08:49 AM

Okay, so I want to thank everyone that posted to this thread.  Yes, it is now 2009.  I had the same problem with my car.  Basically, I put a new AAA battery in this June.  Three weeks later, car won't start.  AAA comes out and the battery tests good.  This happens another time in July.  I take the car to Infiniti after reading this thread.  I tell them exactly what you all told me and told them to check the radio.  Told them my battery is new, AAA tested it twice, etc.  I even told them I read this thread. Infiniti calls me to pick up my car later and says its the battery.  I go to pick up my car and ask for the print results.  Guess what, they don't have them.  Apparently, they throw them away or some bs.  So I drive my car home and AAA comes out to test the battery again. Battery is good.  I complain to the infiniti manager and go online to corporate and complain that robert (the service rep i told to fix my car) of west houston infiniti is a big fat liar.  Terry (manager) is nice and tells me to bring the car in again.  I bring it in (I have better things to do but oh well).  They test it again because they can't find the old print out.  Battery is GOOD. surprise, surprise.  Those morons never performed the test.  It's the radio. Surprise, surprise i told them that already!  Then Robert says I have to get a new radio or I won't have air. I tell him to pull the radio, set the air to 70 before he does it and it will work.  He says it won't. Liar.  I tell him I have 4 pages of printed forum response saying it will and I talk to Terry. Terry does it and is very nice about it.  He even asks Infiniti corporate to comp me a radio.  So alas, the radio was installed a few days ago and it was FREE for me.  thank goodness, because I refused to put in a new one after they kept lying repeatedly. I have my pride and I don't trust that they would really put one in and just charge me for it with all the bad experiences I have had.  SO THANK YOU GUYS. and good luck to anyone with the same problem.  Hopefully, they did not just plug my radio in again and i end up with another battery drain in a few weeks. I trust that Terry put a new radio in because they are probably sick of my complaining.  

dcheck dcheck
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 09/11/09
10:04 AM

To all those that are still having problems with their G35 battery drains:  It is the Bose radio that is the problem and the ONLY solution is to have the radio repaired.  I went to my dealer (bought new from them in 7/02) and worked out a compromise that we split the cost 50/50.  I printed out all the threads from this site and took it into the service manager, who then talked to the dealer, showing that this was a obvious problems with the 2003 G35.  Nissan will not acknowledge there is a problem because they do not want to have to issue a recall and pay the costs of all the owners.  Consumer Affairs will not handle the problem because it is not a safety issue.  The same goes for attorneys unless a class-action law firm wants to take it on.  If anyone has a relative that is a class-action attorney then maybe someone can get something going.  I would imagine from the response I have gotten through emails that there are hundreds of owners having the same problem.  Good luck!  

rutz1972 rutz1972
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/24/09
11:23 AM

This is so sad!  We have all spent ALOT of mony on our G's and all having the same issues.  I am another in the long line of 2003 G35 owners that has the radio short issue.  Mine is to the point now when i turn my car on (with the radio off) i hear the crackling and surging of through the stereo speakers.  If i am luck, I may be able to go 24 without a jump start.  Its not to embarrasing having to explain ever few days to my neighbors that its not my battery, it's a short - blah blah blah! close to close to $40k and my neighbor has to jump me with his 2000 Chevy Cavaleir.  Anyway - I did speak to my dealer yesterday and the Tech said that he has seen a bunch of them come through that needed the new radio and that it would be close to $500.00. Im sorry - i will fight this tooth and nail until it is resolved.  Another poor design is the IPDM location - The tech and i spoke about that as well seeing as I had to replace mine due to water damage.  It is located to left of the battery just above the wheelwell - and has NO protection from water penetrating from beneath.  If you look at it, there is also a 1-2" hold just below the IPDM as well which allows water to shoot right up and in.  I am printing all these pages out as I am typing this and going to start my campaign!!! I have heard of a place down here in Florida near orlando that does fix the radios, but I would feel more comfortable letting the dealer do it.  I can't understand how Infiniti does not address this issue - I have been through about 6 batteries on my car already - 1 per year at about $80-100 a pop. I'll let you know how my visit at the dealer goes..Wish me luck!  

spunkyone33 spunkyone33
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/30/09
12:15 PM

HOLY COW....thanks for google....and forums like this!! Like everyone else here,   I am replacing my battery tonight.  Now....I know to disconnect my radio.  WOW... THANK YOU!  Ok...on to the other issues with my G35.  

carmoral1 carmoral1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/04/09
03:10 PM

I own one of the original G35 sedans. I have had to replace the radio this year (still waiting to get my CDs back). That was a $600+ hit that I incurred before running into this discussion forum. Even after the radio was replaced, I still was experiencing battery drain.

I also had a separate (I think) problem with a water-damaged IPDM. I did not let the Infiniti dealer replace the IDPM but rather a highly respected automotive shop in Birmingham (Hesco). What they found was that there is a drain at the bottom of the IPDM box with a rubber grommet. This drain was plugged up thus allowing the water to back up into the IDPM. Eventually, the IDPM goes crazt and gears start slipping along with other problems. We found water collected in the wells in the battery mount where there are no drains. The best possible explanation seems to be that the battery mount fills up with water and spills over onto the IDPM housing box. (why it is adjacent to the IDPM and the IDPM mounted on a wall where water drains, is anyone's guess - I call it poor design). Hesco drilled some drain holes in the battery mount wells and obviously cleared the gunk out of the IDPM drain(while removing the rubber grommet). After that, I have had no battery drain problem.

There are a couple of interesting things to note. First, there is absolutly no mention of the IDPM drain in the Infiniti maintenance guide. Second is that the tech man at the Infiniti dealer intially surmised that the IDPM was corroded and that it could have been a result of water spilling over from the battery. This was an indication to me that he had seen the problem before. Replacing the IDPM was going to cost me $1,000 in any event, but I would not let the dealer do the work.
There is no way of knowing whether the IDPM problem and the radio problem are interconnected (probably not), but they are examples of design problems or equipment problems that Infiniti should have disclosed instead of playing "hide the ball." I just wish there was a way to get Infiniti to step up to the plate.

BTW I recommend that you get your IDPM pulled and check the drain. It might save you som money.  

lexie22bunnie lexie22bunnie
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/27/09
03:37 PM

i have an 2003 G35 also, all of a sudden my car would not start, i jumped it, it started up fine, next day same thing car is DEAD. so i jump it, look on the internet to see what it could be-see that other people are having this problem due to the BOSE amp. so i have unhook the amp and pray that this works--it does not work, so i take the car to a small private shop--i tell them i believe it is the stereo-they keep the car over night, they call me the next day and say it was a bad battery--hummmm well thats odd because i had the battery tested and the battery was fine! not to mention it was not even a year old i have a new battery car runs fine for a week go out one morning BAM car is dead again. SO i remove the fuse to the radio, car sits for over 24 hours starts up just fine. Have not taken it to a dealer yet because i am afraid that it will cost too much money, any way around going to a dealer to get this fixed????? Confused by the way temperature control is stuck on 90 degrees which doesnt bother me because i am always cold and its almost november in st. louis but i want to get this problem fixed...HELP!!!! a car like this should not have this problem! any input would be appreciated.  

Jaymie Jaymie
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/25/09
11:07 AM

Can anyone say Class Action...this is a Safety Issue and there is no question about that I tried to drive home last night in a snow storm ..unable to use my window froze and now I am unable to go anywhere until the weather clears.  If I had to drive in an emergency would definately be unsafe.  I have had this problem for months now ..with the radio and a/c controls going off and on.  I can operate the radio from the steering wheel but my a/c is stuck on auto..thank goodness but it gets really hot in my car.  I have a medical condition that can also be dangerous to be in extremely hot temperatures.  I will be contacting Infiniti on Monday with copies of the forums from at least 3 different sites with pages and pages of complaints over the same issues..wish me luck.  Will post where I get!!!  I surely don't have thousands to have this fixed not even hundreds..but I do know of a great Class Action attorney.  This is riduculous to ignore this large of an issue. Mad  

mattmonaco9999 mattmonaco9999
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 04/19/10
04:53 PM

i have the same problem..  this is a definite defect.   I turn off the radio before shutting off the car and it doesn't drain.. but when i leave it on it kills it..  been stuck many times.  Infiniti should fix it.  

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