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2007 honda cr-v

automotivejtm-#001 automotivejtm-#001
Guru | Posts: 1016 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 04/26/06
10:03 AM

A prototype has been spotted riding behind the new Acura rd-x.  The cr-v is going to be based of the rd-x's platform.  This will allow the cr-v to utilize a true hatch back (replacing the swing door) by placing the spare underneath the car instead of on the rear swing door.  The cr-v is excepted to use the 2.4 four cylinder engine with a output of 170hp.  Unfortunately the cr-v will more then likely be naturally aspirated unlike its older brother the rdx.  

Carletti Carletti
New User | Posts: 46 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 11/21/06
02:00 PM

I've always thought the CR-V to be kind of a "quirky" automobile.  Since its inception in 1997, the interior of the car has gone from weird to annoying.  However, and rather paradoxically, I continued to love the CR-V's ergonomically sound interior and extremely functional nature.  Nevertheless, the 2007 CR-V is a totally different automobile...totally different.  If you can get passed the bit odd placement of the grille, which made me laugh when I saw it at first, the CR-V looks much better to me than previous models precisely because the 2007 model loses most of the features that made previous CR-V’s "quirky."  The interior, thankfully, is refreshened and looks serious for a pleasant change.  Moreover, my view is that the overall exterior design of the 2007 CR-V is very pleasing to the eye.  Ditching its adventurous image, the CR-V instead chooses to adopt a more upscale image which I think will not necessarily help to sell the car.  Gone is the staple rear mounted tire and out pops a new, smoother, shell that makes the CR-V look...sleek!  I personally love the rear lighting and the side reflectors on the rear bumper.  But perhaps the most notable change I see in the new CR-V is its attitude.  No longer is it a puny little wannabe off-roader that I could never take seriously but, instead, it is now a bonafide cruiser that takes up the lane and shows off its smoother design.  But I anticipate that this new look will not please everyone, of course.  For it is possible that those who loved the CR-V's different approach, like the Saab faithful, won’t like the new CR-V.  Nevertheless, I think that, in the end, the new CR-V will attract new customers into Honda showrooms and out of Toyota's, which is probably what Honda wanted anyway.  

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