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1996 Jeep GC recall - E22 - Co2 sensor

arkitek arkitek
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/13/06
02:23 AM

I have my '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the dealer and they have completed the recall work (replace the catalyc converter) and part of this is that they need to inspect couple of other things and one thing they have found was the C02 sensor needs replacing but supposedly its not covered by the recall. Labor will be covered but not the sensor? ($100+ for the sensor).

Is this true?

Thank you.  

DuctTape DuctTape
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/15/06
04:35 AM


Looking around for help with a MAJOR problem I'm having that surfaced immediately after that recall.

My vehicle: 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0l 6cyl, 293,500kms (~183,500miles). Only theree modifications including replacement of the front bumper with one to support a winch, an after market alarm system linked to the remote/driver's door lock and K&N air filter in the standard filter compartment.

The symptoms (it's a long list so you can see why I'm so dang frustrated):
1) Both passenger side windows do not work. One rolled down just a few inches then stopped and could not be rolled up or down until a few hours later when it seemed to roll up in spurts. After I got it to roll up, I have not been able to roll it down again.
2) Passenger side mirror has stopped working. Of course this is not adjusted daily so it may have happened the day of the recall or a day or two after.
3) Alarm system (after market, linked to driver's door locking system) does not arm via the key fob. It does arm if I lock the driver's door by using the "Door Lock" switch on the door module.
4) Remote locks only 4 of 5 doors, excluding the driver's door.
5) Remote second press does not function normally (first push to open the driver's door and second to unlock all the others). First push opens 4 doors and the remote never opens the driver's door.
6) Check Engine light illuminated 2 days after the recall was performed. The dealer replaced the catalytic converter under warranty per the recall. At this time they denied responsibility for the rest of the problems.
7) Dash guages did not work at one time when I was not the driver. This was reported to me by another driver. The next time the vehicle was used, they worked as normal but soon did not work again. This seems to be intermittent, mostly they do work.
8) Almost all of these problems seem to be gradual failures (ie: the passenger's window rolled down a few inches and after a while it could be rolled up but subsequent attempts all failed, the dash guages failing intermittently, the check engine light illuminating after a few days, etc.).

The dealer said it was definitely not related to the recall due to there being two separate computers in the vehicle, one for drive and one controlling the body functions. After replacing the catalytic converter, they denied responsibility and quoted "at least two hours to see what the problem is at $99 per hour". Not being a sucker, I declined.

What another repair shop said: Two qualified electronics techs (30 years experience between them) spent two solid days tinkering with the electronics and the body computer. The second technician is the one who informed me about the faulty dash guages in symptom #7. They replaced the driver's door module with one from a wrecker without success. Eventually the owner of this shop told me he had to "cut his losses" and give it back to me because they could find no definite source for these problems.

After calling around a bit, I took the car to a second dealer since the first one was being such a dork, declining to even look at it without cost to me. The second dealer said (over the phone) that it sounded like the first dealer screwed something up in doing the recall and that I should bring it in (at last! salvation!). When I brought it in, the clerk at the counter suggested they'd eliminate the easiest-to-check-possibility by reflashing the drive computer. Of course that did nothing.

The second dealer also ran a scan on the vehicle's codes (which costs $117 after taxes) to determine that there are several codes, failures etc, specifically failures in the O2 sensor, AMB sensor (whatever that is) & misfire. After disconnecting the door modules and retesting, they decided that there is a short in the passenger's door module. They'll replace the passenger's side door module at a cost of ~$120 + $40 labor. After that, they will clear the codes and retest. When I picked the car up, I was the last customer and they were locking the doors. As I drove away, I noticed that the door chime was ringing when the vehicle is in motion. It stops when the vehicle stops. ARGH!

I've been in computers for over 20 years and I know how computers work. This is not a problem with the passenger's door module. This problem originates directly with the flashing of the computer's memory in the E22 recall (perhaps a screw driver shorted two wires or whatever). The two computers are connected. If something fails in one, it could easily cause the other to fail as well. There's no way to deny this. It's factual but the first dealer says it's not related.

Can you tell I'm frustrated? This is driving me absolutely crazy.  

Timster Timster
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 10/31/06
10:58 PM

If the computers were not working  a lot more problems will result. I have just spent several days chasing a simillar problem. Without the Chrysler scan tool its almost impossible to fix computer problems, however, there are a few things you  can check.

Your problem sounds like a communication problem not computer problem. The Powertrain control module PCM communcates with the Body control BCM and the door module via a data bus, much like ethernet. If they screwed up the wiring while fixing your orignal problem and there is a problem with the bus the computers will not communicate. For example the door chime will sound because the door module did not get the message to the body module to turn off the chime when the door closed.

The gauge cluster is a dead giveaway that its the data bus because it gets its signals from the BCM to run the gauges, no data bus no gauges, also the odometer will read all dashes instead of the mileage.

You can check for proper voltage on the data bus at the OBDII connector under the dash. Voltage should be 1.8-2.6 volts from the violet wire to ground and the white/black wire to ground, these are the two left most wires on the connecter top and bottem row. Other than that you will need a scanner to find the offending module that is disrupting the data bus.

Good luck Tim  

cretzke cretzke
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/17/06
01:19 AM

I've got a '98 Wrangler SE with a 2.5L engine.  I recently emailed Chrysler Customer Support to get a "build sheet" that would give me the details of the components used to build my vehicle.  I wanted to find out the final drive ratio without having to crawl under and possibly need to open up a differential cover.

It took about a week to get a reply, but they did give me the list of goodies used to build my trusty steed ;-).  In addition, the reply indicated that my Jeep was subject to recall E22 (catalytic converter and reprogram of PCM).

I've already replaced the catalytic converter.  Twice.  That's a horror story that I'll relate only if asked.

Regarding the PCM reprogramming recall, I called my local Jeep dealer.  The service manager said, "Bad news.  According to our latest bulletin on this recall, the code to reprogram the PCM is currently unavailable."

Being a senior computer analyst & developer, it's pretty easy to figure out that the "replacement code" was most likely buggy and was pulled from circulation before it could screw up anyone else's car.  So there's a good chance that anyone who had their PCM reprogrammed before code was pulled now has a PCM that's been hosed.

If you haven't remedied the situation yet, I recommend taking this information back to the dealer and have them either replace the PCM (and anything else the reprogramming may have touched), or reprogram everything back to the "stock" code.

As for me, I'll either wait until a stable version is released or buy an aftermarket chip set (from Quadratec or the like).

Best of luck.  

snapsbender snapsbender
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/24/06
09:10 AM

I took my Jeep to the local dealer today for the recall and the same thing happened to me.  Except I was not told there was another in to drive it, got about a mile down the road and realized that the check engine light was on and it was having trouble running.  I took it back to the dealership who denied causing the additional problem and offered to fix it by charging me the entire and labor.  I was livid.  How did you get your situation resolved?  I am still trying to decide how to handle this.  

Alexpv Alexpv
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 12/05/06
07:45 AM


The dealer is correct and will not replace the C02 for free.  I have the same problems with my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  

Alexpv Alexpv
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 01/24/07
02:08 PM

You might want to look at the MCC main computer center.  That unit costs about $230.00.  That unit is right on the firewall on the passengers side of the vehcile.  Once the main computer goes, it causes all sorts of non related issues.

Good luck  

ElkWhistle2007 ElkWhistle2007
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 10/29/07
01:08 PM

OBD II Connector where is it on a Jeep Cherokee 6 cylnder? Hello all. Can someone please tell me where the OBD II Connector should be on my 1996 Jeep Cherokee? The Emissions Inspection people are telling me that they  can't find it under the dashboard. BUT the Jeep Dealer is telling me that it sould be there. I need my vehicle to pass insepction so any advice would be helpful.  

lsjdesigns lsjdesigns
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/08
Posted: 09/07/08
12:27 PM

Hello everyone. I had my catalytic converter replaced on 5/2007 under the recall program. I also replaced the sensors as well. A little over a year later, I replaced the sensors again (8-22-2008). A week later the check engine light comes on and the tech guy states I have a code reading of guessed it..Catalytic converter. I contact Chrysler and they tell me to take to the dealer for replacement. However, the dealer claims the warranty on that install may have expired. I tend to disagree per the California Environmental Protection Agency News Release on 12/21/2005. I states that the warranty on this recall will be extended to 7 years. I refuse to pay $300.00 annually for this converter. What is your take on this? I don't want to drive 20 miles for these fools to tell me no.  

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