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Tires & Wheels
Plus one, plus two, plus three... in this age of ever-growing wheels and ever-shrinking sidewalls, how low can you go? A good fit involves the right rim and tire widths, bolt patterns, matching diameters, and proper aspect ratios. Sound unfamiliar? Ask before you swap.
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Audio & Video
Because even factory "premium" sound systems just don't cut it, discuss with other users the best multimedia enhancements for your car. Whether it's MP3 playback, iPod connectivity, more speakers, or more watts, there's plenty of room for improving your humble radio.
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Navigation & GPS Systems
Throw away those road maps, GPS is here. With such an immature technology, there is a definite hierarchy among the models on the market. Some give better directions, higher voice clarity, more features, or more user-friendliness. Help each other pick the right one and never get lost again.
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For Sale
Need the money? Moving on to new things? Whatever the reason, whatever the vehicle, sell all your stock or aftermarket parts and accessories here. Private sellers only, no vendors.
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