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Car Buying

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What Car Should I Buy?
Trying to decide what car to buy? Let the forum members and moderators help you decide.
1249 3557
Car Buying Experiences
Tell us about your latest car buying experience.
525 1691
Car Dealers
The car dealer you choose can make or break your car buying experience. Read member reviews of car dealers, ask about specific dealers, or ask for recommendations in your area.
603 1445
Car Prices Paid
Did you get a deal on your latest car? Feel like you were ripped off? We want to hear about it! Share the details of your car purchase here and compare with other members.
264 738
For Sale
Selling a car? Get advice, information and offers from members all across the country. Private sellers only, no vendors
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Aftermarket & Accessories

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Tires & Wheels
Plus one, plus two, plus three... in this age of ever-growing wheels and ever-shrinking sidewalls, how low can you go? A good fit involves the right rim and tire widths, bolt patterns, matching diameters, and proper aspect ratios. Sound unfamiliar? Ask before you swap.
654 2471
Navigation & GPS Systems
Throw away those road maps, GPS is here. With such an immature technology, there is a definite hierarchy among the models on the market. Some give better directions, higher voice clarity, more features, or more user-friendliness. Help each other pick the right one and never get lost again.
166 453
Audio & Video
Because even factory "premium" sound systems just don't cut it, discuss with other users the best multimedia enhancements for your car. Whether it's MP3 playback, iPod connectivity, more speakers, or more watts, there's plenty of room for improving your humble radio.
474 1008
For Sale
Need the money? Moving on to new things? Whatever the reason, whatever the vehicle, sell all your stock or aftermarket parts and accessories here. Private sellers only, no vendors.
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Maintenance & Repair

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The transmission is the most complicated part of the automobile. Do you know your way around? This forum is the place for all discussion and questions regarding automatic and manual transmissions.
3416 13060
Have a question about your engine? How to fix it? How to get more power from it? Discuss all of your engine related topics here.
2898 10094
General Auto Repair
Do you hear something rattling? Squeaking? Not sure what it is? Chances are good our auto experts will know what it is and how to repair the problem.
6839 21102
Auto Maintenance
Learn how to change your oil, when to rotate your tires, how to winterize your vehicle, and more general auto maintenance topics.
760 2563
Discuss car tires, learn about the best tire brands, share a review, or ask a question in this forum.
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Auto News & Car Talk

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General Car Talk
This is the forum to discuss miscellaneous car topics.
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Current News
Stay current on what's new in the automotive industry. Read and discuss the latest auto news articles, press releases, and headlines.
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User Reviews
Read user reviews of new car models. Post a review of your current vehicle or one that you've recently driven!
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Concept Coupes
Get a sneak peak at future concept coupes, see what new coupe models are planned, and discuss these future coupes with our members.
26 134
Discuss all coupe models in this forum. Learn about the latest coupes to hit the market, find out which two-door is for you, and more.
52 196


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Discuss all convertible models in this forum. Learn about the latest convertibles to hit the market, find out which open-top vehicle is for you, and more.
76 188
Concept Convertibles
Get a sneak peak at future concept convertibles, see what new convertible models are planned, and discuss these future convertibles with our members.
10 49


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Concept Trucks
Get a sneak peak at future concept trucks, see what new truck models are planned, and discuss these future trucks with our members.
21 82
Discuss all truck models in this forum. Learn about the latest trucks to hit the market, find out which pickup is for you, and more.
338 907


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Discuss all sedan models in this forum. Learn about the latest sedans to hit the market, find out which four-door is for you, and more.
81 305
Concept Sedans
Get a sneak peak at future concept sedans, see what new sedan models are planned, and discuss these future sedans with our members.
22 87


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Discuss all SUV models in this forum. Learn about the latest SUVs to hit the market, find out which sport utility vehicle is for you, and more.
224 521
Concept SUVs
Get a sneak peak at future concept SUVs, see what new SUV models are planned, and discuss these future SUVs with our members.
21 72

Auto Racing

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Formula 1
Discuss the cars, drivers, races, and results of the most esteemed division of motorsports in the world. No other type of racing involves as much electronics, aerodynamics, and technology as Formula 1.
38 93
Formula 1 to NASCAR is like caviar is to chicken wings. Maybe so, but who doesn't love wings? Discuss the cars, drivers, races, and results of America's second-most-watched sport.
81 186


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Dirt Bikes
Racing on four wheels is fun but too easy. Few things let man bond with machine better than a bike. Talk about the best bikes out there and the best techniques for racing them.
36 102
Off-Road Racing
Traction is overrated; ever try racing without it? The cars are different, the drivers are different, and extracting performance with so much less control underfoot takes different skills to exploit. It may take longer to cross the finish line but you just might have more fun getting there.
26 84
Off-Road Recreational
No need to defend your hobbies; some people like to play in the mud. If you've got an SUV and know how to use it, share your insights here.
54 126
Rally Cars
The world has known this sport for years. You, Mr. American, have only seen two in your life, possibly without realizing it: the fairly new Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. As cultures collide, could rallying find mainstream acceptance here? The most intense races sometimes take place off the pavement.
26 150

Community Center

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General Discussion
This is the place for all off-topic discussions, new member introductions, and anything else that you have on your mind not related to vehicles or the auto industry.
571 1780
Report a Problem
Found a bug? Having trouble with some part of the forums? Have a suggestion? Start a thread to explain the problem or suggestion to us.
77 185

By Manufacturer

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Discuss anything related to Kia Motors
9 15
Are you a fan of Scandinavian style and practicality? Then this forum is for you.
37 113
The place to discuss this oddball, but high-performance Japanese brand. STi, WRX, Forester, Outback. It's all here!
25 60
Discuss everything about Honda's luxury brand from the now-discontinued Acura Legend to the latest techno-wizardry found in the Acura RL, the flagship of the line.
58 211
Still relatively unknown compared to its competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz or even owner Volkswagen, the German luxury brand is making great strides to break out of their long shadows. This forum discusses topics like where to buy an Audi, the advantages of AWD, to why Audi's are considered the benchmark for luxurious interiors.
82 346
The company's catchphrase, the Ultimate Driving Machine, says it all. Discuss everything about the luxury sport brand from how you love/hate what designer Chris Bangle did to the trunk lid to the upcoming turbo-steamer hybrid to the monstrously fast M3.
113 390
Inspiration comes standard. Share your questions and stories about the U.S. number one domestic luxury brand.
54 114
The top selling domestic brand. Discuss all vehicles, from the entry level Aveo to the latest Corvette incarnation and everything in between in this forum.
333 1164
The new Chrysler 300 took the auto world by surprise and went to win Motor Trends Car of Year for 2005. Discuss what you thought about its win and Chrysler's entire lineup from the Crossfire, the PT Cruiser to the new Aspen minivan.
113 398
What is the top speed of a HEMI-power Dodge Ram? Where do I get wiper blades for my Durango? And why are there four doors on the Dodge Charger? Questions and answers to these and any other questions can be found in this forum.
185 674
From the Mustang to the Thunderbird to the Explorer, Ford has a vast and long history and range of vehicles. Discuss such cars and ask (and answer) questions like what happened to the Ford GT and when is the losis concept coming to the U.S.
295 781
Get a sneak peak of the latest Fit, Civic, or Accord. Or submit a question on that brake problem you've having on your Pilot.
252 783
Submit questions, post a review or news on any of Nissan's luxury vehicles.
47 260
What headlights works best for my 1995 Cherokee? Can I take my Commander off-road? What's the best price to sell my Sport? Submit these and any other question about the most rugged brand of the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep in this forum.
366 1349
What's the difference between the ES and GS? Where's the nearest Lexus dealer? And is it true that Lexus is not sold in Japan? Discuss such questions or submit your own about any of Toyota's luxury brand.
48 133
Discuss RX-8 stats, the latest Mazda discounts, or what you really think about the Tribute in this forum. Zoom-zoom-zoom indeed.
130 788
Submit questions or answer them on any of Mercedes-Benz's myriad vehicles such as the C230, SLK350, or the R500.
70 158
Since merging with Renault, Nissan has rocketed up the sales chart in the U.S. and worldwide. What do you think about the second-largest Japanese automaker and its cars? This forum is available to ask (and answer) such questions.
217 1213
Toyota's newest brand, the youth-oriented line and its eccentric-looking vehicles proved to be a surprise hit among customers regardless of age. Discuss the xA, xB or tC, the numerous customization options, or how you stuffed that couch in your xB and still had room for a keg of beer (non-alcoholic, of course).
31 181
What is the gas-mileage for the Camry hybrid? Where can I find a radiator for my 4Runner? And what's this sludge problem? The Toyota forum is a place to submit such questions on any of the brand's vehicles.
310 1088
Discuss the Golf R32 and R36, the Eos, or how you customized your Passat in this forum.
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